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2-door for 4 passengers and 4-door for 5 passengers

All late-model Jeeps are air-conditioned, have power steering, come in standard Jeep colors (selection varies per availability at pick-up) and have 5-speed automatic transmissions. Depending on inventory when you arrive, some are available with removable tops, while the majority are hard tops. Be prepared to haul yourself up about 24” to enter your rental Jeep and keep in mind that this may be challenging for elderly, alter-abled and young passengers. Additionally, the driver’s seat is height-adjustable.

Jeeps are fun and zippy, so don’t plan on a silent, floating “luxury” vehicle ride. Our partner at the HNL airport offers rental cars in Oahu if you decide a Jeep is not what you want. Lastly, Jeeps are generally rented by the adventurous, and as hard as our rental car companies work to clean each vehicle, you might find stray sand/debris in yours. We recommend you always carefully inspect your Jeep at pick-up. Tell your attendant of any dents, scratches and oddities you find before departing the rental lot.

Interior of Jeep in Oahu

2-door Wrangler

This short and sweet Jeep Wrangler has a maximum of 55 cubic ft. cargo space with back seats folded down and 12.8 cubic ft. when seats are upright. While there’s ample entry room in the front for two adults, the two back passengers climb between the forward-tilted front seat and door to enter the vehicle.

The needs of forward passengers limit backseat legroom. Seats are cloth and include child-seat anchors. The front seats are bucket-style.

2 door blue Jeep

4-door Wrangler

A 4 door Jeep Wrangler is called an “Unlimited”. Adding 2 back doors makes the Unlimited ideal for 4 and 5 adults with luggage, and offers cozy room for 3 backseat passengers. Jeep Unlimited cargo space measures 70.6 cubic ft. with 60/40 folding back seats down, and 31.5 cubic ft. when seats are upright. Backseat legroom is ample for adults. While longer, this Jeep retains great turning radius for getting in and out of tight parking spaces. It’s fun to drive and provides a more comfortable highway experience. As with the two-door Wrangler, it has bucket seats in front and a bench in back. The center position in back is narrower than window seats but has no uncomfortable hump.

4 door red Jeep

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